Monday, December 26, 2011

Tips On Organising a Community Sports Day

Volunteered to organise your next community or school sports day? What a great idea! It's such a good way of spending time with your family, friends and neighbours. All too often these days we live closed off from those living nearest to us. So a family fun day with activities to suit all physical abilities and age ranges is ideal for renewing the long forgotten community spirit.
Sponsor and Celebrity Engagement
Companies and celebrities are likely to be interested in supporting you, provided you can fully justify the cause and can explain that their contribution will mean a lot to the community. So it' s important to choose the right businesses and individuals to target. Think about their connection to the community and local area. Is the company based in your town? Did the celebrity grow up three miles down the road? Or if the sports day is being held for a specific cause such as to raise funds for charity, then what might link them to the charity?
Village greens, local parks and school sports grounds are all ideal for hosting a sports day. The best approach is to contact your local council to see what they suggest. Some venues will be more appropriate than others in terms of access, facilities, and health and safety. The council will be able to advise you on this based on past experience. They will also be able to issue any necessary permits and licenses.
Helping Hands
You may be in charge of organising the sports day but don't do everything single-handedly. Make sure you involve a group of helpers in the early stages of the process. Talk to your kids, their friends and parents to see if they'd be willing to dedicate a couple of hours a week or on the day to helping you out. Whether it's approaching celebrities, baking cakes for the refreshment stall or refereeing the football match, every contribution will play a big part in the event's overall success.
Equipment Hire
Sports days require quite a bit of equipment. From actual sports equipment like goal posts and basketball hoops to refreshment stalls and portaloos, you might need to invest a bit of money to ensure everything is set up. To save money contact the local authorities, schools or community centres to see about borrowing some items. If you're hoping for a bit more sophistication in terms of refreshment and food stalls, such as barbequed burgers and sausages or refrigerated drinks, you'll need to rent a generator to power all the electrical equipment.
Health and Safety
Even if you have first aid skills it's worth having more people on the scene ready to deal with accidents and emergencies. You'll be in charge of ensuring everything runs smoothly on the day so you literally may not have the time to deal with scrapes and grazes. Make sure you have a dedicated member of staff on hand to handle minor injuries or contact the local branch of St John's Ambulance who can send volunteers.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Picnic Ideas For A Fun Day Out

A picnic can be loads of fun once you explore the plethora of picnic ideas and options. Depending on who will be at your picnic (i.e. family, friends, adults, children, work colleagues) you can make a really fun day with just a little advance preparation.
There are many alternatives when it comes to a setting/location for your picnic. One of the most traditional places for a picnic to be held is in a public park or garden. Whilst a park/garden is a lovely "green" location and one that will not become outdated, why not do something a little different on your next picnic. A beach is a wonderful place for a picnic. Children can run around, build castles in the sand and of course everyone can swim if they choose to. Another idea is to picnic at the zoo or a similar tourist attraction. Many such tourist places have public lawn areas you can utilize for your gathering. Another idea is to picnic in your own back or front yard. You can provide the venue and your guests can contribute by bringing a range of picnic food.
Themed picnics can be a lot of fun and provide a reason for organizing a gathering. You could hold a birthday picnic, or you could celebrate a special occasion such as Easter or Christmas or even a do a Halloween or New Year picnic. There is no shortage of events and celebrations throughout the year to provide you with lots of great picnic ideas. You could ask everyone to bring a plate of picnic food that is in line with the theme of your picnic and theme activities and decorations around the celebration. An example of this is to hold an Easter Egg hunt for Easter or a Kris Kringle present ceremony for Christmas.
A simple picnic in itself can be a lot of fun so there is nothing to say that you need to organize additional activities. Should you wish to provide some entertainment for the group or for the children, you could bring some outdoor toys such as balls or a cricket set. Do remember that you will need to be able to carry the picnic food and all of your extras to the picnic location so don't bring too many additional items.
Regardless of what sort of picnic you decide on, there is no shortage of great picnic ideas to get you going. With a little pre-planning, your day will be sure to be special.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Best Play Areas And Plastic Commercial Playgrounds For Small Youngsters

If you have a toddler or very small child, you know how hard it can be for them to have fun at a normal playground. Just going down to the closest park isn't always simple. Many community playgrounds are designed with equipment that is just too high and dangerous for them. Play sets and other kids can both be dangerous. Slightly bigger children are often rowdy and don't watch out for smaller toddlers on the equipment. There are plenty of other locations for smaller kids in almost every community.
Many places are offering indoor playgrounds and equipment for younger kids. Some locations like Gymboree hold designated playing days and games for younger children. Your kid can have a fun afternoon with children the same age. You should also check out the neighborhood mall for small indoor play stations. These playgrounds are usually small enough for toddlers. It is rare to find older youngsters playing here. The mall can be fun for both kids and their parents.
It would be ideal if you could find playgrounds. A plastic gym set is less dangerous for a child. They are normally designed for smaller ones. These play sets can be found in businesses and also at area community centers. If you have a YMCA or city recreation place, you should make your way over and discover what they have to offer. Most of them offer something great for a smaller child. It is easy to find the best spot.
You should also look into preschools and elementary school grounds. Sometimes, a school playground can be your best bet. The play sets are designed with really strict guidelines for safety. A preschool will have the ideal type of equipment for a tiny child. See who stays open after school hours. This may be your best bet for finding a perfect place for your child to play on a playground and be safe. Some schools will even offer after-school programs on the yard for children to play in. This can be ideal for playtime under supervision.
Before you head out the door, find out all your options. Most toddlers won't have fun at a regular playground. With oversized equipment and wild older kids present, your young one can be intimidated and possibly in danger. With indoor gyms and plastic playgrounds, a toddler will be able to totally have fun and excel. This is a good time for a young person to get some physical exercise while socializing with other children their own age. It will help them grow into happy, confident grown-ups.
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