Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Framing and Mounting Medals on Your Walls

Medals are symbols of achievement - may it be in sports, academics, and all sorts of competitions. For a very competitive individual, it isn't impossible to see quite a number of this item in his or her abode. The problem with some individuals is they fail to organize and flaunt their 'achievements' properly.
You might come across a friend who just lets his medals hang on whatever is accessible or available in his home - a coat hanger or available hooks and tacks where other framed items are mounted. It is such a waste to see medals lying around or hanged carelessly. It may be years ago when you've won that quiz bee competition or champed the badminton tournament in your area, but the medals you've garnered are timeless testaments to your exceptional skills and talents.
Many people have found that framing medals before mounting them on their walls is a good idea. Though not a very unique way, but putting these items in frames does not only protect them, but also keeps them organized. You don't have to worry much about the cost because you can purchase ready-made frames from both offline and online frame stores. The choices will depend on how many medals you have and how you wish to organize them in your home.
One good idea is to organize medals by the year. Some may prefer organizing by the type of competition they've joined and won. Another tip is to keep your frames uniform in terms of style and size. You may also go for styles that will complement the room's overall look and feel. So, if you will hang the framed medals in your study area, make sure that the designs will jive and not clash.
You may also find in homes larger frames that hold medals for each of the children in the family. This is also a great way to organize according to every person's achievement through the years. The medals are usually arranged per year or competition.
Laminated frames are also one of the most common methods of framing medals with diplomas. You may apply this method collectively instead of just laminating one item in one frame. As mentioned, it will depend on how you would like to organize.
Keeping your medals neatly organized in your home shouldn't be a difficult task. It can be a fun way to remember your past achievements during your school years. And it is also a cool and subtle way to flaunt your awards and enhance your walls at the same time.

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