Thursday, April 26, 2012

Display Cabinets and Shelves for Trophies

Any individual who've collected trophies and other awards over the years are proud of their achievements. May it be an academic or sports trophy, it deserves the right place in your home or office. Shelves and cabinet tops are the usual places to find trophies. But as time passes, many people tend to ignore them and leave them unclean for a long time.
A better way to keep your trophies clean and organized is by putting them in cabinets with glass doors, or on top of shelves particularly made for these items. If you have collected quite a number of awards, it is best to keep them tidy and organized in a place where you and your guests can see them. Why? Because they can be great conversation pieces or part of the design of your study room or any area in your home.
One particular piece that you can purchase or have a carpenter customize is a display cabinet. This is like any other cabinet with glass doors and sides, but they can be made especially for your trophies. Taking the size and height into consideration, you can order these cabinets online or offline. You may also talk to your local carpenter and have the work done right there in your premise or in his workshop.
You can also choose the design, style, and color of your cabinet or shelf. There's always a couple of catalogues lying around the carpenter's workshop or you can print out the design you'll find online. It is also best to keep the design similar and complementary to your home's interior. If you are going to place this piece in your study room, make sure that it will not overcrowd the space. Have the carpenter measure the dimensions of the room first before deciding on the final size and style of the cabinet or shelf.
Another good tip is to refurbish old cabinets or shelves. You may purchase them from flea markets or garage sales, or from a specialty store. You can save more by doing this since it will only take you a few hundred bucks or less in paint, glass [if needed], and labor. If you are quite artistic, this can be a good DIY project to start with.
Don't just leave your trophies on top of almost any shelf or inside a cabinet, because no one will ever know that you're good at a lot of things. Being proud of your talents and skills can be best presented through a collection of these items and more. But without proper presentation and organization, they're just vessels for dust and cobwebs as time passes.

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