Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Give Yourself the Best Chance to Win With Your Sport Every Time

Attitude is Everything: It isn't what you do Physically, but how you think Mentally
I am going to show you how to absolutely give you the best chance to win with your sport - and life. All you need to bring to the table is your imagination.
What I mean by Attitude is that you have three choices with what and how you think. You can be negative, not care; which is worse than negative, or think positive towards every loss, tie or win. This attitude also applies with your goals or sport puzzles, as I like to say.
Thinking of winning or reaching your goal is like building a stunning puzzle you choose to build. When you build a puzzle, what is the first thing you do? You go down to the store to find one that appeals to your senses. You may be an outdoors person so you will get a nature looking puzzle or you may like sports, business, airplanes or even animal puzzles. Whatever the case, you will find the photo you want to build, where you want to build it; more importantly, you will know it will take patience to build your mind-blowing puzzle one piece at a time. Well, this analogy applies with every goal you want to reach with your sport and life.
The First Step is Crucial for Success:
What is the first step to being triumphant towards the end results with your small, medium, large or ultimate victory goal? This amazing step is actually - your real life imaginary sport puzzle/s. An exciting and enjoyable process because what ever you can imagine you will and can achieve. Just like building any puzzle of course, you need to know what the "picture" looks like. By knowing what your end result (picture) looks like will help you determine the course to laying out the pieces to put together your sport goal/s or sport puzzle, as I like to say.
Do you know the most exciting part of having your sport puzzle/s in place? By consistent action, and faith towards your sport puzzle and plan, you will begin the process to manifest your every desire with your sport. I do emphasize faith in the process because no journey to excellence is a smooth ride. You have to trust the process once it is started. There will be great times and challenging times, but by keeping the faith and accepting everything that comes your way is all part of the process concerning your vision, you will not only make the ride smoother, but also give yourself the best chance to win or reach your goals.
The Second Step that is Crucial for Success:
Define a rich description of your victory goals or sport puzzle (picture) as already accomplished. This is just one example: I just won and Olympic gold medal or getting a personal best time or getting in the shape you want to be in - what ever the case; what you see, hear, smell and feel after reaching your imaginary goals, is critical for your goals to become a reality.
Start with the most important goal you want to work on first. Then put in jam-packed colorful detail in writing- that means what you see, hear, smell, and feel, both internally and externally. Once you've got a written description of this image, you will need to commit an agreed amount of time to imagine this scene every day for 30 days like it has already happen. The more often you perform the mental exercise, the faster your desire will come to you. This is just how manifesting what you can imagine works.
So, you will need to answer these all important questions: You will want to write down what you see, hear, feel, and smell with what you have created in your mind (picture puzzle) with your rich description in the real world and picture in your mind. When you have written your description down, you will need to organize a time to read it out loud to yourself once or twice a day until you remember it. You can tweak it if need be until you are satisfied with it. The KEY here is writing it down as if you already feel you have this desire. It is like writing out a premonition you just envisioned. With practicing your description, you will be able to create this feeling at will.
The Third Step that is Crucial for Success:
This next process is absolutely necessary! By doing this exercise will actually increase your desire and belief system, in addition to manifesting your Victory Goals you desire to go after.
1) Schedule a time and imagine what you wrote down every day for 30 days. This is absolutely critical in creating what you envisioned.
2) Set aside at least one session per day, two is better, 3 is like missile fuel! You will create a belief and desire like no other. This only takes 2-10 minutes.
3) Practice the same time each day since this creates a habit, which makes it easier to follow through on a regular basis.
4) Find an accountability partner in the form of a Sport Performance/Life Coach, friend or partner.
Ultimately, the choice is yours what your sports puzzle looks like and how much effort and time you want to put into making it come true. The absolute critical part for this to work is after you have created a clear sport puzzle (image) and rich description what it would feel like after you have accomplished what you envisioned is to be consistent with your mental exercises each and every day for 30 days. By just missing one day with what you are going to practice will mean you will need to start all over again until the 30 days is complete. The next step is to develop victory steps (plan of action) to get you there.

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